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Adipic Acid (AA)

Ascend is the only large-scale producer of food-grade adipic acid in the world.

Ascend ships adipic acid in a variety of package sizes, including rail cars, tank trucks, super sacks and 50-pound bags, via our established, efficient global distribution network.

Adipic acid uses

  • Nylon 6,6 and specialty nylons
  • Polyester polyols for polyurethanes
  • Wet-strength resins for paper products
  • Plasticizers for PVC
  • Unsaturated polyester resins
  • Glass interleaving powders
  • Ingredient in foods and medications

Ascend advantages

  • World-scale plant in the southeastern United States
  • Decades of safe operations, delivery and use
  • Industry-leading reliability
  • Continued investments in unique process technologies
  • Focused commitment to our markets and customers
  • Responsive sales and customer service organizations
  • Largest producer of food-grade adipic acid in the world

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