Quality and performance matter to us because our customers rely on us to help them tackle technical challenges. Now, we’re doing it more sustainably.

Our ReDefyne sustainable polyamides include up to 100% pre-consumer or post-consumer recycled material depending on your performance and sustainability needs.  As an integrated nylon producer, we know the value of reliability and consistency. We use third-party certified materials throughout our ReDefyne portfolio to deliver performance every time.

ReDefyne gives you reliable performance without the footprint.

Low-carbon footprint

Third-party certified


Certified, reliable and traceable

No one wants a material that doesn’t perform. For ReDefyne, we start with quality materials: our own waste and the post-consumer nylons from Circular Polymers by Ascend.

As the largest integrated producer of PA66, we know what’s in our waste streams. And now, as the majority owner of Circular Polymers by Ascend, we have a consistent, reliable supply of high-quality PCR polyamides recovered from carpet.

We also know that sustainability requires accountability. All of our recycled materials, pre- and post-consumer, are certified by SCS Global. And, we’re piloting blockchain traceability through Certified Circular Plastic® with one of the largest producers of fasteners in the world.

With ReDefyne, you can count on performance and the smaller carbon footprint.

Where can we help you ReDefyne performance?

  • Fasteners
  • E-mobility
  • Automotive
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Consumer and industrial

Advancing sustainability. Together.

We’re committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our products across the board. From bio-based feedstock to carbon offsets, we are focused on providing products that help our customers reach their sustainability goals. Learn about how we’re innovating solutions from our operations to our products to reduce our impacts.

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Sustainability = Responsibility + Accountability

We are partnering with ITW Global Fasteners to pilot low carbon ReDefyne with traceable blockchain technology certified by PlasticFinder.  CERTIFIED CIRCULAR PLASTIC® tracks and verifies every batch of material with a unique identification code describing the entire cycle.

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